Complete these documents in order to finalise your application

1. Terms & Conditions

This document clearly outlines NT Major Events terms and conditions to all site holders for the duration of the event (inclusive of bump in and out). Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in termination of your accreditation and site.

You will be required to initial each condition and return to Lauren Flanegan by Monday the 6th of August.

Click here to download the Terms & Conditions here - 2018 RCN_Merch_T&C

2. Bump In Schedule

A bump in schedule is a document which allows the venue operators to understand what deliveries and personnel are expected to be at the venue as designated periods. It is important that we receive this information to ensure that the venue build is completed in the appropriate stages and to account for deliveries.

Merchandise & Trade Stalls have been allocated designated bump in periods. Please email Lauren at before Monday the 6th August and outline when we can expect you in the bump in schedule.

3. Indemnity Form

The indemnity form ensures the protection of the various stakeholder participating in the event. Please sign and return the indemnity form to Lauren Flanegan by Monday the 6th of August

Click here to download the indemnity form here - 2018 RCN_Indemnity_Form

4. Generator Policy

This generator policy outline when the use of venue generators are prohibited and the additional costs a site holder may incur should they utilise the generators outside of the designated times. Please sign and return this document to Lauren Flanegan by Monday the 6th of August

Click here to download the Generator Policy here - 2018 RCN_Generator_Policy_Form

Important to Note!

Failure to complete all of the above documents may result cancellation of your application.

If you have any questions about the documents provide please contact Lauren Flanegan on or 0435 775 337