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Blatherskite Park Operating Hours

  • Friday 31st August                 CLOSED
  • Saturday 1st September       09:00 – 21:30
  • Sunday 2nd September         09:00 – 21:30

Venue Access

  • Vehicle Access will be permitted entry via Len Kittle Drive. All vehicles and passengers must have appropriate accreditation.
  • Pedestrian entry can be accessed via the main ticket gate locate on the venue map.
  • All staff must hold valid accreditation to be permitted venue entry.

What else is available at my venue?

  • Blatherskite Park will host various components of the Red CentreNATS program including;
    • Shannons Show n Shine
    • Elite Show Cars
    • Diggamen Dyno Cell
    • Grass Driving
    • Sun 969 Rock N Rumble
  • Also available at the venue is official merchandise stalls, catering, demonstration events and children's amusement rides.

Parking at the venue!

  • Designated parking facilities are available to you within the venue.
  • Staff working the event without a vehicle pass will be able to park in the public car park also noted on the map.