Blue car drag racing

Drag Racing

If you love the drags - and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – you’ll love the Alice Springs Inland Dragway (ASID). This is where seasoned and novice drag racers take on the infamous quarter mile.

At ASID you’ll see there’s nothing quite like the sound, smell and sight of drag cars screaming past. It’s the faster way of having fun.

Red CentreNATS has two heart-thumping drag racing competitions. The entertaining Grudge Runs make for a great day out on Saturday, and offer the chance to try out the straight without any competition pressure. You can also take a passenger with you – if you’re not too quick.

There’s more action on Sunday, when entrants are invited to compete against each other in a variety of formats in the Drag Racing Competition.


Bike Entries are now open


Vehicle Entries are now open